Where have I been? A blogging hiatus and journey of life.

I haven’t blogged for a while now. 27 days to be exact. It’s been a record for me in the few short years that I have been blogging.  Simply put, I lost all energy, enjoyment, inspiration and wanting to do so. In many ways life just caught up with me. And suddenly I was hit with a mixed bout of depression and oppression.

A few weeks ago we buried my wife’s pop, which was a sad time, yet, the tension was that he became a believer on his death bed, so there was a celebratory aspect to it as well. Both Jo and myself have been battling the flu that has hit so many this year. And then last weekend she went away for 4 days on a cruise with her mum and daughter, and while she was away her dog of 11 years passed away. She came home with the extra bad news that someone had dropped her camera and broke it. Last Tuesday night I was in the shed and and when I came into the house, I walked smack bang into the boys skate ramp which the wind had blown over from where it was leaning against the house… I cut and bruised the tops of both feet and the next few days saw me limping around with a walking stick. Then my wife’s car was rocked. Some one had thrown a big rock, which was twice the size of my hand which smashed into the windscreen pillar, badly denting it, and crazing the windscreen.  On top of this, I had an assignment due on Tuesday night and for the first time I did something I have never done before, and that was handed in an incomplete assignment…in fact I realised after I uploaded it, I hadn’t even done the bibliography. But, simply put, I had nothing left to give to do any more..I was totally mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.

Finally last Friday, I was talking to the Lord about all this and praying in tongues, when boldness and authority filled me, I grabbed the bottle of oil and went outside and anointed my gate posts, corner posts, the kerb and guttering, the gats, doors, windows around  and through the house proclaiming the Lord’s goodness and his protection upon us. I have to say that immediately it felt like something significant lifted from us. Praise the power of the blood of Jesus.

Now, before anyone gets upset about my using oil, I want to say that the oil in and off itself is nothing. But historically its a symbol of anointing and authority. We have many symbols of faith such as a cross, a painting or other picture, experience of creation etc. So for myself, the oil being a symbol of anointing, is also a reminder of the faith in the God who cares for me and that as I anointed my gate posts, doors etc with the sign of the cross, it was both a visible and spiritual reminder of the authority I have in Christ and the goodness of God in caring for and protecting us from the evil one.

In fact my energy levels returned to the point that with the help of my sons, we were able to do a significant amount of landscaping / gardening over the weekend. And here are some pics.

samspics 040001002001002003

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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