Christians are called to live the same way the Israelite s were called to live.

I recieved the following email from a friend on Face Book this morning.

Hi craig, got a question for you. I see you post religious questions or theological debts. I have asked this question to my church leaders and i never really got an answer so i throw it to you . Hear it goes. We all know that Jesus was a jew, he taught in the synagogues, he believed in what they taught all the way up to when he said he was the son of God. Now with this all true. Why as christians dont we follow the jewish ways? If you want you can repost and share with your fb friend. Would love to hear any reply as a debt or answer. Hope life is going good for you. I figure you will get this when you wake up, so good morning

While I did post the question on Facebook, I also told my friend he had asked a brilliant question, and that it was one worthy of consideration before giving him a quick pat answer. However off the cuff I replied

Jesus said the summary of the law and the prophets was to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and to love our neighbors as our-self. This is the crux of the OT law, which has a huge echo of social justice. You will find in the OT prophets, God is always rebuking Israel for their lack of social justice. Micah 6:8 for example…

Within the framework as living like a Jew, we too are called to live like the Jews were called to live. Not on the externals of obeying the food and ceremonial laws – rather the laws of the heart / love in regards for care for each other.

While its true Jesus was a Jew, the purpose of Israel was to be the nation that brought forth Christ to the world. And the wonder of the kingdom is that in Christ there is no race, gender, age or social class distinction. Instead all are equal in him.

Paul addresses your question in Romans. The roman church is a mix of Jewish and Gentile believers and they are at each other on the way to live… Paul ultimately tells them in Romans 13 that God gave the gentiles their law and the Jews their law and is the God above both. He then says…let love be the way in all things.

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