I find it truly remarkable.

I find the resurrection event of Christ a truly remarkable and astonishing event which needs deeper thought and reflection on. For the resurrection to have happened; death first needed to take place. Simply put, the resurrection didn’t happen and couldn’t happen in a vacuum. Death was needed.

And within the full framework of his divinity and humanity: Christ, the son of God, the God who incarnated himself to be with us, as one of us, allowed himself to be barbarically used and killed by us, suffered the same death that was caused by us – which is sin. But, because Christ is the author of life, the giver and sustainer of life; death could not hold him because the very sheer essence of Christ was, is and continually evermore, life.

Yet, just as humanity in the beginning was given the breathe of life, real life, living life…in the new resurrection once again God doesn’t keep the life within himself; instead he generously pours out from himself – life. The ultimate beauty of the living Christ is that true life is a generous life. Real life is expanding life. In many ways life is like light, for light pushes away the darkness. And just as true light pushes away the darkness – the life of Christ pushes away death and destruction for us.

The life of Christ pushes away the destructiveness of sin. The life of Christ draws us to live a full life, a life that frees us from the destruction of sin. The forgiveness of Christ pushes away our own un-forgiveness. Un-forgiveness causes us to live less and not more. Bitterness causes us to be less human then more. Hatred causes us to live less and not more. Sin causes us to live less and not more.

But in Christ we find life. In Christ we find truth. In Christ we find true love. In Christ we find true peace. In Christ we find true purpose. Because in Christ we find true life. And through the life of Christ, we find our own lives being resurrected in the now from the death of sin and destruction.

And within the framework of our own resurrected lives, we too are to share in the generosity of life which is granted us, of living a life of life, a life that shares with all the generosity of life, the eternal hope which is within us. A light of life that continually pushes back the darkness; not only pushing back the darkness in our own lives – but a life giving light that pushes back the darkness of those around us, the society in which we live and the world in which we inhabit.

Until ultimately, like a seed that is formed and drops to the ground – our own mortal bodies will die and return to the ground. We know the life of Christ that is within us, will not keep confined to the grave. For the life of Christ is life that resurrects the dead and so we have not only an earthly promise of our current lives being resurrected from the ashes of sin – we have the promise, the hope and the knowledge that like a seed that sprouts into life from the ground – our mortal bodies will be changed into the fullness of the resurrection – unchangeable, uncorruptible, full of pure life. A purity of life that is free from the corruption of the world.

But the promise of the resurrection is not just for us. For God also plans to resurrect the heavens and the earth. And so the resurrection promise is also the hope, the knowledge that we have in that the earth and all within it will be renewed.

I find all of this truly remarkable and worthy of deeper reflection. Don’t you?


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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