I’m in holiday mode.

I’m in holiday mode at the moment. I have a break between semesters which start again in August. I’m going down to Melbourne next week for a UNOH retreat and very much looking forward to spending some R & R with my boys and the rest of the team.

I haven’t been reflecting as much on Biblical stuff recently, but have been looking at John. But here is a copy of some of my notes on the first part of the chapter.

The word was at the start, the word was with God and the word is God. He, the word was with God in the beginning. In him was life, and the life was the life of all men.We now transition from word – made (creation) – life – light – darkness – darkness hasn’t over powered the light.  In this opening sentence, Jesus is declared to be God.

In him was life, that life was the life of men. – God created us, but he then breathed life into his creation. The source of that life is Christ.

John the Baptist was the prophet sent by God to witness to the people the coming of Christ, that Christ had come and was among them so that they could believe. He refers to Christ as being the light of humanity.

Through Christ, the world was made. Through the word of God, the world was made. And he came and lived in his own creation., came to his own chosen people, the people (Israel) who was chosen to be the nation to bear forth Christ. And they rejected himYet, to all who received Christ, he them the right to become Children of God, born not from natural descent. (Israelite), human decision (gentile conversion), or husbands will (become Jew through marriage) but become Children of God, because of what God has done for them.

The word become flesh and made his dwelling among us. God had foretold the coming of Christ. And now it was time for him to come into existence. He was born through the painful labors of child birth. He was nursed on his mother’s breast.

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  1. Yes it has, though I’m still digesting the story. Again, being reminded how much Bartimaeus suffered as a blind man, how amazing is Jesus’ mercy of healing him! May God become even greater in my life and dwarf all the worries and sorrows I have.

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