New Additions

It’s no secret to those who know me that I like knives. Pocket knives, fishing knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, work knives I like them all. While I try and buy the best we can afford, sometimes some cheaper ones come on the market which are terrific. Take the current kitchen knives that are on offer at Aldi at the moment. We bought some of them a couple of years ago and they are you beaut. They also happen to be on offer again and we will place the current kitchen ones into our camping gear and put new ones in the kitchen once again.

I have had a pocket knife since I was a wee lad. While I no longer have that original knife, I do have 2 which I have had for many years. 1 is a Swiss army knife whose handle has come off on one side and the other is a leather man multi tool. Both are great little gadgets and useful for all manner of fix it jobs when the occasion arises. I believe every boy should have a pocket knife and of course supervision should be given regarding its use.

Recently I told my youngest son that I thought it was time for him to receive his first pocket knife. I asked the oldest also if he wanted one, and at the time he said no, but has since changed his mind. Recently the sales have been on at the local camping supplies store and I was blessed to buy a number of knives for really good prices, discounted under 1/2 price.

IMG_8687 I found this set of pocket knives which I think are terrific for a young boy to have. The middle one is a fixed blade which comes with the sheaf. The quality is fair and I think is more than suitable for a 11 year old boy to learn to skin a rabbit, whittle a stick, splice a rope and general camping needs.



The next set I found was a set of fish fillet knives. They are the only type of knife I don’t have. When the sales man told me the price, I asked him to rescan them as they seemed to cheap. He did, said that’s the price (under $20) and so I added them to the sale.


Hmmm but wait. There was more. I had a look at another hunting knife and was IMG_8698impressed with one from Gerber. It too was on sale. Again under 1/2 its normal retail price and so I added it to my collection.





Finally I discovered this gem of a beauty in a antique shop on the way home from our break down in Narooma. I have been speaking to my wife for a while about getting a cut throat razer to shave with. The prices of normal shaving blades are terribly expensive. $20 for a pkt of 4, and when you consider one blade does one shave, it becomes an expensive habit. This one was on sale for a little over 2 packets of razer blades and has some interesting markings. Gotta is made in Germany by a company well known for its good steel. But the markings on this say it was made in Sheffield England. Now all I need to do is get a strop and a suitable honing stone for it. And yes, I have used it, and it works a treat.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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