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The 101 of Pastoral Care.

I wrote this article for a online pastoral care group I formed called Looking Out, which is for the disabled, ill and their family and carers. I remember around 1999 when I sat in a church leadership meeting and shared … Continue reading

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We were founded as a church??? Really. Tell me that again!

I was involved in a discussion elsewhere about whether or not America (or for that matter, any other nation) was a Christian nation and was founded as a Christian nation. I joined in with the following argument. If you are … Continue reading

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Blue Chip Pastoring. We need more voices.

Dan from Blue Chip Pastors is looking for more voices. (aka writers)  He writes: Blue Chip Pastor is meant to be a voice for those who pastor faithfully, but the “numbers” don’t seem to “be there,” at least in a … Continue reading

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Come Follow Me.

Last night I was reading the first chapter of John with some mates and was reminded of the simplicity of the Gospel message. Jesus simply said to people who were to become his disciples, “Come, follow me!” – When asked … Continue reading

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Hamstrung By Seeds of Doubt – BUT No More

When I first became saved I used to pray like a mad hatter for all to come to know God. And I would see those I prayed for, coming to salvation.  Then I got hamstrung a little by Calvinistic theology … Continue reading

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Two ways to live.

Mathew records the story of Jesus healing the sick, those in pain, those afflicted by demons, epileptics and the paralysed. Such was his ministry that large crowds from all around came to him and followed him. When Jesus saw the … Continue reading

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A call for our female bloggers.

Once a month around the theological blogosphere a carnival of blogging in held on a different blog each month. This month is going to be different, in that we are calling for submissions from female bloggers only. Read more about … Continue reading

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