Nooooo – Help!!!

I finally bit the bullet and got a new desktop computer which has the latest Windows 8 operating system. My other laptop runs Window 7, which I also enjoyed. The only reason for the new system is that Dick Smith had a special which was heavily discounted and my lap top gets extremely hot and needs some serious repair and TLC.

I am enjoying the new system, though there are some remarkable differences between the two and yes it has a touch screen. However, I can’t get Windows Live Writer to work on this system, and it appears that Microsoft is allowing this little program to become defunct.

Nooooo! I use it all the time for blogging, and its such a handy little program for inserting pictures where you want them – not that I use that function a lot – but when I do, its ever so handy.

So at the moment I am using the word press post writing tool, which is ok, but not as good as the windows one…maybe its my own habits which make me not like it so much…however, I am interested in what do you use to write and post your blog articles. And just perhaps, you might know a better program then the live writer…or know how to use live writer with Windows 8.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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1 Response to Nooooo – Help!!!

  1. Tiribulus says:

    I’m betting it’s a .net framework problem.

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