Real ministry or just a loud noise.

Over the years I have been an avid hunter and target shooter. I have gained much satisfaction in punching holes in a target over 200 metres away and in my youth, came second in a major state shoot. I have also had the same kind of satisfaction in hunting and bringing home something for the pot having had success with the one shot. As I sit at the table typing this and look out the window, I can see my son playing with his new birthday present – a bow and arrow. Earlier we set up a target in the back yard with a backing board and target and let fly with some arrows. As time progressed both our aim become better and we were able to land some arrows in the target area.

When I come inside for a drink and check my emails and Facebook, I come across this status, which considering the previous hour or so, made me stop and read it a few times.


When a gun is loaded with blanks, the bang and recoil are the same as they would be with live ammunition. A difference can be observed in the use of live ammunition and blanks, but not in the noise. The dummy ammunition makes no mark on the target, because it never reaches it. The real bullet can hit its mark. We are not interested in mere bang and recoil, excitement and spectacular Gospel displays, even if those draw hundreds of thousands of people. We want to see something live hit the target. The crowds may come, but we must, by faith, let loose a true broadside of Holy Spirit fire power in order for something to be accomplished. Preach the original Gospel and you get the original results! Multitudes are born again, lives are completely changed, churches are filled, hell is plundered and heaven is populated. Praise God! God bless you today. REINHARD BONNKE

This quote from Reinhard Bonnke is one that makes you think twice about our ministry priorities. Are we interested in the crowds, noise and the excitement, or are we interested in the preaching the full Gospel, living out the fullness of the Gospel in the power of the Spirit despite our own weaknesses.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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