Healing Ministry To The Elderly in Aged Care.

I have finished study for this semester and have a break till August when I have class once again. The subject was Healing which is a subject closely entwined within Pentecostal theology and praxis. I took it as a elective and was more than pleasantly surprised that we didn’t push the word of faith perspective which I find can be pastorally and theologically dangerous.  Last night I uploaded my major assignment which was to Analyse the issues involved in a healing ministry to the elderly in aged care.


This essay looks at the subject of divine healing within a pastoral response to the elderly in aged care. I analyse and reflect on the practicalities of ministering within an aged care environment. I explore the cultural traditions of the person and how that may affect our response. And then look at the theological issues which need to be taken into consideration for a healing ministry to those who are in the latter part of their life and the expectation of death is close at hand. I then draw together the practical, cultural and theological discussion into formulating a pastoral response as to how to initiate and practice ministry with a broad exploration of what constitutes healing and how we can minister to those who are dying.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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