Praying at the footstool of the throne, looking up.

There are times when I am so consumed an issue of life that even though I am praying, my mind is consumed with the immensity of the problem and not on the Lord whom I am praying to.

During class tonight, the lecturer made a throwaway comment that struck at home about the importance when we pray, that we recognise the overwhelming majesty of God our king. Do we come to him aware of his nature, visioning his nature and his character, recognising that he beckons us to come to him. 

He beckons us to come to him. Not as a servant. Not as a ambassador for another kingdom. He beckons us instead to come to him as a child, a child who doesn’t fear coming to him; rather we are to be like the child who comes running into the arms of a father who gladly picks us up and throws us high into the air with delight.

What ever our issue of life is, our God is more powerful. What ever our request may be, our God is ever more capable of granting it. But know this, if what we are asking for is the same as a rock and not bread – he will not give it to us. If what we are asking for will bite us and poison us like a snake, our heavenly Father will not give it to us. For our heavenly father knows what is best for us and what we will do with what he gives us. He is eager to provide us with our bread for today. Our strength for today. Our wisdom for today. Our inspiration for today. Our healing for today. And our comfort for today.

You see in his mercies, he gives us our daily bread. Not so that we become mere beggars. And he doesn’t give us our daily bread because he wants to control us and is a little miserly. No, our Lord grants us our daily bread so that we can come to him on a daily basis and enjoy his blessings. So we can come to him again on a daily basis and partake in his goodness and mercy. So we can once again come to him and renew our relationship with him; confiding in him, hiding in him, and being inspired in him. So once again we can partake in his divine exchange, where we give him our self and in return he imparts himself and we grow in reflecting the purity of his divine nature.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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