Blessings and cursing’s.

This morning I woke up with the theme of “Blessing” on my heart. One of the greatest and perhaps hardest commandments for all Christians is that of blessing and not cursing. We are called to bless our enemies, bless those who revile us and bless those who use us and treat us badly. We are called to bless and be a bless and not to curse nor to be a curse to others.

I wonder what would Christianity look like if indeed we become people who truly took this mandate seriously and allowed it to permeate into every area of our lives. One doesn’t have to look hard in the blogosphere to find examples of speech about those we consider to be enemies of the Christian faith that while perhaps not exactly cursing and condemning – certainly doesn’t fall into the blessing category.

What would it look like if we rose up and spoke a blessing over the abortion clinics and the staff who work in them. If we spoke a blessing over our governments and all who work in there. If we spoke a blessing over the homosexual and other communities whom we consider suspect. What may happen if we speak a blessing over our prisons, and ex prisoners….I was wonder just what may happen?

Then I got to thinking about curses and cursing. I have been asked many times if I believe in curses. I have been asked before if I have ever broken or if I can break curses of people..and the answer to that is a qualified yes to both of those questions. I say qualified because breaking curses is has nothing to do with magic, spells or incantations – rather it comes out of having a relationship with the Father through the Son in the fullness of the Spirit, and a natural result of that is that we are called to bless, and through blessing others we cause the curse to fall away.

This morning I want to speak a blessing over my community and the world in which I live.

In the name of Jesus. I speak a blessing over your comings and your goings. I speak a blessing over your finances and your health. I speak a blessing over your relationships and family. I speak a blessing over your thought life and self talk. I speak a blessing over your work place and your travels. I speak a blessing over your grief, turmoil’s and trials of life. May you be blessed in continual increased knowledge of the Lord in whom all blessings flow. May you be blessed in receiving his forgiveness and be blessed in forgiving all who have harmed you. May you be blessed in receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit and walking in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day!


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to Blessings and cursing’s.

  1. A ministry that is present in our area, called the Agape Prayer Ministry, has at its center forgiveness as the core of healing of past hurts and overcoming the sin they spawn. As part of the forgiveness process (and it is a process because sometimes the pain keeps coming back), those being ministered to are “tasked” with praying blessings upon those who have hurt them. They may never confront their offender, but they are challenged with praying regularly so that good will happen to them.

    …as a recipient of this ministry, I can attest to the immense healing power that comes from blessing your “enemies”…

    • Craig Benno says:

      Robert, what a wonderful testimony.

      I love what you said it being a process. I believe that sometimes we are too quick to forgive – in that we don’t first acknowledge the fullness of what was done to us, or understand the pain it has caused..once that process has taken place..the process of true forgiveness can start.

      i understand that process having walked it, and I have to admit, there are times its easier said then done.

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