It took them ages to get it…How long does it take us?


I was reading Matthew’s account of Jesus and the disciples going across the lake in the boat.  Jesus was so exhausted, he fell asleep and was even sleeping when a huge storm blew up which was so fierce it frightened the seasoned ex fishermen who were among them. I have shared from this story before where I made the observation that the Gospel becomes deeply personal when we get a personal revelation of God intervening in a personal way.

This time I want to look at the story of the bookends of this story. It begins where Jesus is at Peter’s home; heals his mother in law, and proceeds to heal the sick and deliver those bound by demons. It is the following day where he tells his disciples to take him to the other side of the lake. Once there, he delivers the demoniac of his demons, causing him to be of sound mind. We read  that the demons say we must obey you, because your the son of God. … But, the disciples are asking once again, when they see Jesus calming the wild seas – “What kind of man is this?”

I find it simply amazing that of all God’s creation, its humanity who is always last in recognising Jesus for who he really is.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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