Ministry in the blurbs.

I have had a particular busy week this week. Late nights. Early mornings. (Well early for me) Long and busy days. And its only Thursday morning Winking smile  It’s been a week of many ups and downs. Highs and lows. And I am emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted.

Let me fill in some of the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is that I borrowed my brother inlaws lawn mower and did our jungle on Monday. The bad is that it actually lowered my stamina for the things needing to be down throughout the week. Suffering chronic fatigue isn’t much fun. It’s like there is a energy bank, that once you withdraw so much, its hard to top it up once again.

Tuesday was heaps fun, but again busy. It started of with a prayer meeting, followed by our community BBQ in the morning- sausages, eggs, bacon and mushrooms, as well as the plenty of cuppas to go round. I love this group of diverse people…old and young. Male and female. Some are reasonably well off, where others don’t have 2 cents to rub together. And its fully multicultural comprised of  Indigenous, Islanders, Egyptian, European and others. And while at times the relationships there can be strained; for the most part, the those involved have each others back. I was talking to one particular man who said he want’s to come to our men’s group. To quote his words he said, “I need to hang around people who are sane! I haven’t used for a couple of years now, and many of my friends do, and I don’t want that scene anymore.” What a wonderful compliment that was, to be considered sane.

School Scripture followed after lunch. I love this combined group of year 5 and 6 students. Its loud. It’s noisy. And that’s just how I like it…we have fun  telling the kids about the God who is for them and not against them. But, there had been some miss-communication and because it was the last week of term, Scripture wasn’t on. But, our team had a wonderful conversation with some of the teachers there- of which some greater ministry opportunities may follow in the 2nd half of the year.. watch this space. And the night was finished with our men’s group coming together around a fire, sharing life.

Wednesday (yesterday) was terribly sad. I attended the funeral of the son of some long time friends whom I have known for 28 years. I hugged my friends whom I hadn’t seen for so long and quietly said “Bless you!” It was a long day, that required a 400km round trip drive. I left home at 10am and was back at 10pm. I also caught up with other long term friends and was embarrassingly reminded of some of my prior antics as well as myself returning the favour. Among the many discussions, tears and laughter.(It is ok to laugh) There was the heart ache and tension of seeing one couple (old friends) who for what ever unknown reasons have cut me out of their lives and who have turned their back on me.  One man I haven’t seen for a long time shared with me about his own experience of fatherhood and how that has taught him the meaning of life. I shared with him the importance of taking his daughters out on dates, and start showing them what it means to be treated with dignity and respect. And I shared how I also tell my sons that I both love them and like them very much… with those words he stopped and looked at me as if I had said something profound.

He replied.. as kids our parents would say we love you, or it would be assumed, but, knowing they like us is a different thing altogether. I am going to start putting that into practice.

To all who follow my blog – can I encourage you today to say 2 things to your nearest and dearests around you. The first is that, “You love them and like them very much.” And the second is, “That God loves you and likes you very much also.”

Till next time.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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