I got a burr under my saddle.

I urge you to read this article by Kevin Brown about his experience of one of his parishioners needing hospitalisation (within a life & death situation), but her insurance company said no!

I was at the hospital yesterday afternoon and I was blown away by what I witnessed. I was visiting a member in the church who has pneumonia and her white blood cell count is big-time out of whack. She’s in the ER and waiting to be admitted. Then a “hospitalist,” (what our local hospital calls a “doctor”), comes in with a telephone and says to the lady, “You need to speak to your doctor. He hands her the phone and I saw the look on her face (already pale and ashen in color) turn white. She said, “Oh, ok.” She handed the phone to her husband after a couple of minutes and said, “I guess we’re going home.”

I said, “What!” She looked at me and said, “My doctor says I’m a very sick lady, but not sick enough according to my insurance company.”

On a personal level, I totally agree with the Obama’s administration to bring about reforms so that those without insurance can have medical help in times of need. Here in Australia, we have tax incentives to carry private health insurance and many of those policies do provide great coverage. For many though, private health insurance is not affordable and thus many don’t carry it. Australia also has a “Medicare” system which is paid for through a tax system. This tax covers every Australian for medical and hospital needs and provides a gap coverage for those with private insurance, when their own coverage doesn’t cover. ( The only thing our Medicare doesn’t cover is dental, some medications and elective surgery)

I am thankful for my country as I have had a number of visits to hospital over the years and not been covered by workers compensation or private insurance and the quality of care has been excellent.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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