Out and about.

Mark Stevens from the Parsons Patch writes about the snobbery issues that can surround academic study. On a personal note, I am more than contented to be involved with ministry focussed studies. Within the framework of PhDs verses D.Min’s, I can’t say how excited I was when I recently found out that there was such a animal as a D.Min. If anyone dare look down on me as doing a lesser degree – well its the Lord they must answer to because it is he who called, equipped and gifted me to take this line of pursuit for his glory.

Dave Black posts about the joys of blogging and links to a fellow blogger and academic Roger Olson who was asked why he posted an essay on his blog and not had it published in a journal. He said that its because his essay would be read by and therefore reach more people than it would if he published it in a journal. I will admit that I am a blogging addict. I love to write and to read others blog posts. I have been greatly encouraged by many fellow bloggers and spurred on to do better. Like Dave, I also consider some to be friends, many whom I have never met on a face to face basis.

It’s great to see T.C Robinson back and blogging on New Leaven. T.C our commiserations are with you in that you have lost access to your previous blog site and we look forward to engaging with you once again. Check out his post on about what the evangelical stalwart J.I Packer wrote regarding Charismatic Joy around the Lord’s Table.  On a personal note, I think so many denominations get their approach wrong about communion, when they say before you come forward to take part, you should first take reflective stock of your own life and see if your worthy to take part. Isn’t the whole Gospel story all about us being not worthy of forgiveness and that communion reflects the joy producing fact that God accepts us all when we come to him – no matter our circumstances.

I want to welcome you to 4 new bloggers who happened to stumble upon my blog, and actually clicked like on some of my posts.

And finally I’m preparing for tomorrows road trip to Melbourne for the Surrender Conference. I have in the slow cooker a vegetable and chick pea curry simmering nicely which along with  other food I’m taking will keep me physically nourished for the weekend. I want to give thanks to the Lord and the person who paid for my conference ticket, which has enabled my going this year.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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  1. TC says:

    Appreciate the link and the kind sentiments. 😀

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