You are a child of God.

In April 2011 I wrote an article on the power to forgive sins within Matthews account of the lame man being lowered to Jesus. I followed up on this on the 3rd of Feb 2013 using Luke’s account noting how God has instilled into the very fabric of Israel’s foundation the issue of forgiveness of sin, and how the religious leaders had forgotten that mandate.

Today I want to look at Mark’s version of the same story, and focus on the word τέκνον which means child or descendant. Jesus says to the lame man, “son (τέκνον), your sins have been forgiven.” There is so much depth to the meaning behind Jesus calling this man ‘son.’ Through this story we form the reasons why when Jesus healed someone he would tell them not to tell anyone else; instead they were to go and present themselves to the priests to be declared healed, clean and forgiven – and in doing so – declare that they are no longer an outcast of society.

Jesus looks at the lame man and calls him son. He says Son, you are forgiven. And in this moment we see the power of the story of the “Prodigal Son” recounted in Luke 15;11-32 where the father keeps an eye out for the return of his wayward son and completely restores him to fellowship. What is powerful in this story is that the lame man had 4 friends who were determined to get this man to Jesus. Jesus recognised their faith, and it was through their faith in action, that the lame man came face to face with Jesus, where in that one moment, he became healed, restored and forgiven with the acknowledgement that he too was a child of God.

I ask you today, how determined are you to bring those in need of restoration, healing and forgiveness to Jesus, so those very same people will no longer be an outcast of God, but will also be embraced as a child of God.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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