Who am I? Where do I fit?

I have been doing some self reflection the past week. Well actually if I tell the truth, I’m always reflecting on something or other. But this has been a different kind of self reflection then normal. Because I have been reflecting on where it is that I fit in.

I am a oddball in many ways. In many ways (theologically speaking) I’m deeply Conservative; yet I’m also widely Libertarian and Pentecostal / Charismatic  in experience; yet hold a deep love and concern for the proper exegesis and implementation of the word of God. I am broadly ecumenically driven; yet dislike syncretism. I love the church and its family; yet feel at home with the broken, sick, addicted and homeless.  I strongly lean towards Arminian belief; yet currently fellowship at a church that holds to Reformed Calvinistic theology. I can be at one moment crying while watching a chick flick; yet cheer on the hero with great gusto while watching a action movie. I love being around people; yet deeply value and appreciate my own space. I love asking the question “Why?” But, don’t ask me “Why?”  I enjoy stirring the pot; yet I also love peace and quiet. I like to discuss theology and philosophy; yet, it has to have a deep pastoral  and practical application to it. I’m a leader; yet hate leading.   I like to first work out what I believe the word of God is saying; and then find out what others say – and then reflect on if we disagree who is right… I can be pig headed and stubborn; yet flexible as a watering hose. I love the church; but am passionate for mission. I passionately believe in a interventionist God, but don’t believe he is a sugar daddy.

So then where is it that I fit? I will tell you where I fit. I fit snugly in the hands of the God who created me. I fit perfectly into the calling that God has called me to. I fit perfectly in his purposes for me. And I fit perfectly in the power, comfort and presence of the one who works in me, through me and over me. And because of this perfect fit; I know that I fit in, where ever God leads me to go.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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