Dave Black– the difficulty with 1 Tim 3:16.

Dave Black commented helpfully on my previous post that he writes about the issues of 1 Tim 3:16 in his beginning grammar and that I can find it on page 125.  Learn To Read New Testament Greek.  He writes in his introduction to Adjectives,

A particularly interesting problem arises in connection with the use of πασ in 2 Timothy 3:16. Scholars debate debate whether the words  πασα γραφη θεοπνευστος και ωφελιμος should be rendered “All Scripture is God –breathed and profitable” or “Every God-breathed writing is also profitable.” The difficulty arises partly from the meaning of πασα, partly from the meaning of γραφη, and partly from the absence of the word “is” in the Greek. If γραφη is taken in its normal sense of Holy Scripture, then the first rendering alone adequately expresses this truth. If γραφη  is taken to mean writings in general, then the second rendering is both accurate and necessary. The matter is carefully discussed in the commentaries, but the clause nicely illustrates the complexity of Greek syntax and the bearing that grammar has on translation and interpretation.

I’m looking forward to college resuming classes next week, where I will be able to access the library once again.  I will also note that Dave Black is also the New Testament editor of the ISV Bible which renders the 1 Tim 3:16 verse as saying “All Scripture is God-breathed…”


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