Experiencing God for mission – part 2

In my previous post I wrote about the need to avoid two extremes of Christian faith and practice. The first was to avoid spiritualising every experience as being from God and the second was about those who avoid and speak against any kind of expectation of experiencing God.

The Holy Spirit is the one who directs us to Christ. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit convicts us of the fact that we are sinners, Christ has made us right and that the devil is overthrown. But, because of this very fact that the Spirit of God convicts or convinces us of sin, righteousness and the judgement of the devil – its the Holy Spirit who pushes us forward in mission – to take the Good News of Jesus Christ into the whole world. For we are partakers of the Spirits mission to reconcile the world with God.

And then last night I noticed something in Scripture for the first time. In the book of Acts Luke says in 1:2 that Jesus taught or instructed the apostles through the direction / inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We need to ensure that our Christology is never a spiritless one. Jesus was only able to do that what he saw the father doing. He was only able to minister in the ways he did through the fullness of the Spirit of God. And so, when Jesus said that he and the father are one, if you have seen me, you have seen the father – in many ways we can say that if you have seen Jesus you have seen the Holy Spirit.

There are so many today who have never seen Jesus. They have never heard of him.  And then there are those who have preached so zealously with a lack of love, that those preached to want nothing to do with him. We need to experience God in us. We need to experience the Holy Spirit in us – so that others may likewise experience God through us. Is it any wonder that Jesus commanded his disciples not to leave and attempt to evangelise until they too had received the promised Holy Spirit.

Within this framework I heard something profound today as I was listening to a audio book of Tozer’s. He said,

No man can be argued into the kingdom of God. For we cannot come to God through our sheer intellect. Indeed our intellect is dead to sin. It’s our spiritual man who receives the illumination of spiritual things and makes the word of God come alive.

On a personal basis I thank God for those with a high intellect who can fathom deep mysteries. I like wise do volunteer work with the intellectually disabled. Christ died for all. But its neither the intellect or the lack of intellect that causes someone to be saved. Rather, its the spirit of God who brings about the illumination of what Christ has done in the inner being. And therefore we cannot go out into the world within a determination of our own will and sheer determination. Rather, we must first rely on the Holy Spirit who directs our feet and to do that, we first must pray.. Come Holy Spirit, come!

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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