2 Responses to I try not to be critical on this blog. But sometimes I just get so annoyed, I have to speak out.

  1. David McKay says:

    Hi Craig. I think that Genesis does provide a foundation for the rest of Holy Scripture and that any view which undermines what it tells us about God is concerning.
    It seems to me that many folk today begin with a modern scientific view (both Creationists and theistic evolutionists) and then attempt to adapt the Scriptures to this view.
    Doing away with Adam seems to greatly throttle biblical theology.
    What do you think?

    • Craig Benno says:

      David. You will get no argument from me that Genesis does provide a beginning and a structure that the rest of Scripture follows.

      However, I like many others believe that Genesis, particularly the first couple of chapters is more theological then it is literal. ( I believe Moore College follows this line of understanding)

      However we understand and interpret Genesis, we cannot say it is central to our faith in Christ. Only Christ himself can fill that role.

      I have no problems in understanding Adam as either a representative of humanity or as a literal individual person. Nor do I have qualms in understanding the creation story as a literal 6 days creation or each day represents a season of time. Neither of those understandings do away with Christ and they do not do away with the nature of sinful humanity.

      On a personal note, I believe that Moses is the author of Genesis. And the creation story has to be told alongside the exodus of the Hebrew people. He is reminding them that God is the creator of what the Egyptian gods represent and instead of their being many gods, he is the ONE GOD.

      This makes sense when you compare the creation account to the plagues of the exodus and the framework of Moses reminding them that they have had a purpose since the beginning of creation – as he retells the Israelites of their history and the promises God has made on their behalf.

      Christ is the ultimate fulfilment of those promises. But, my faith in Christ is not based on the Genesis story. It is based on the person of Christ himself. When ever someone says that they cannot believe in Christ if all of Genesis cannot be understood literally makes a mockery of the very real existence of Christ.

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