Update on back

Ok. It appears I have a bulged disc near my left hip. Funny how the boys helped me drag a heavy trellis across the yard on Monday, and I hurt myself getting something out of the fridge. During physio yesterday he gave my leg some traction which gave me some relief, and to which I joked I could do this at home by tying a 1/2 brick to my foot and let it dangle over the bed.

I was given some Mobin to take, which has helped ease the pain considerably. And after some arm twisting the doctor gave me some valium to take to help ease the muscle spasms. ( I have truly learnt that pain management is an important part of healing) The physio asked me if I had a heat pack at home, which we do some where, and I said if I can’t find it, ill make one.

He asked me how on earth could I make a heat pack and he laughed at my answers. Either I’ll wet a towel and microwave it, or microwave a couple of bananas, wrap them in a towel and use them. Nothing like good ole Aussie ingenuity Smile

This morning I hobbled out of bed at 4am, and had an intense time of prayer, where I vented and asked the Lord to bring some healing. I was supposed to go to a meeting today to discuss setting up a food bank in the local area and there was no way I was going to make it. While the Devil tries his best to take us out and hinder us, the Lord always opens the way. And my Joanne took 2 family days of from work and took me to the meeting, doctors appointments etc.

I read something the other day, which I will paraphrase here.

God is always bigger then our limitations of health, finances and manpower. When he calls us to do something, we have the creator of the universe on our side.

p.s Thanks to all who are praying. I truly appreciate you and your prayers.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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