Its been a while. Some odds and sodds.

It’s been a while since I last posted. While I like to post regularly, its school holidays here and I have been busy with my sons. Regular visits to skate ramps, reptile parks, eating out and even veg’ing out and working around the home.

My mum recently gave us a slow cooker. And so I have made 2 dishes in it. The first was a pea and ham soup. While the weather here has been around the 40 degree Celsius mark, and so not really the best for soup – the Christmas ham bone was begging me to be turned into it… so in it went. My second dish was a kind of lamb goulash. I bought a cheap pack of lamb bones from the supermarket. Threw in some onion, garlic, tomatoes, mushroom and pasta sauce… 24 hours of cooking and it turned out superb with a side dish of mash potato and pasta.

I organised some books to be sent out to two face book friends, hope you guys enjoy them. Along that vein after a recent trip to Koorong Book Store, I came back with a mixture of Mounce’s Flash Cards and other books. I felt a strong impression to buy a small book called “The Way of the Shepherd”.

I have to say it has been one of the best reads I have read for a long time. Small. Easily read within 40 minutes. Jam packed with great leadership advice. All given around the life experience of shepherding. In fact I will say that if your in any form of leadership, this is a must read. But, even more then reading it, put the advice into action.

I then started to read a second book , called “The Cause Within You” written by Matthew Barnett of the Dream Centre at LA. It starts with his spending a night out on the streets as a homeless person where he celebrates 15 years of successful ministry in LA.  There is a section within it that grabbed my heart strings. He tells of the time he had the impression from God speaking to him that he wasn’t to try and build a successful ministry or church; rather he was to spend his life building people and God would take care of the rest. How that reverberates with me. I have often wrote and said that our job of Christians is to love people and build people up, and not try to build churches.. for that is God’s job to take care of.

A third book which I have read again over these holidays was One Holy Fire by Nicky Cruz. What a jam packed book of encouragement to surrender ones life to the Lord and take the good news of Christ to those who need it.

I have taken up my Greek studies again.. which is a off and on. Love hate relationship with me. I thought about trying to do the book of Hebrews – just what was I thinking Craig! But anyways, I reversed my foolish decision and and decided to stick with Mark. My rendering of chapter 1 verse 3 is as follows.

John came near the desert, baptising and preaching forgiveness to those captive to sin.

I have enrolled for my next class which finalises my Ministry Major. The subject will be on healing. It will be an interesting class to take, and one that taps deep into my Pentecostal / Charismatic leanings. From my reading on the class it also addresses many of the erroneous teachings that about within denominational circles about the subject. My experience of having experienced disability which resulted in slow recovery will add a further dimension to this class. This leaves me with 3 subjects left to take. 2 will be theology subjects and I’m hoping the 3rd will be a field trip to either Turkey or Israel. (Though, I am also interested in doing the “Church Planters subject”, which is something very close to my heart.)

Finally I have pulled a muscle in my lower back, which has caused some serious pain.  I’m seeing a doctor this afternoon and would appreciate your prayers and thoughts.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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