A pleasant surprise.

I have been reading Paul, Apostle of Weakness. By David Alan Black.  I was pleasantly surprised to read the following on page 32…

Paul begins a lengthy appeal to the Galatians based on his previous assertion that all Christians are sons and heirs of God and therefore free from the law.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post on Gal 3:26 on how Huioi was translated. It was my assertion then that we would do that passage a terrible disservice if we translated that passage with gender inclusive terms of “Children.” The reason being is that Paul is making a startling in your face comment in that all Christians are considered as being Son’s and therefore are the heirs.

While the comment in Dave’s book was a introductory statement leading into his main area of concern and wasn’t dealing directly with the topic of sonship;  I was none the less pleased to think that I hadn’t missed the mark in my previous assertion.

On further reflection I wonder if the term “Sons,” should be considered as “Son” For while it is true we are individuals uniquely gifted; its the collective church who are one in Christ. For in Christ we become one in him. In Christ we the body of Christ become the Son. For as Paul says to the Corinthians; “There is one body, one God, one spirit, one salvation!” (my paraphrase) And together as the collective son, we become the sole heir of the promise of Christ.

Confusing isn’t it?

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