Dave is coming to Australia.

Dave Black says there is a good chance that he is coming to Australia next summer.

Now, as you know, there’s a chance I’ll be able to visit Australia next summer for the very first time. I’d love for some of you Aussies to make a similar list for me of sites I need to see Down Under. I know I can’t see everything on one trip, but where should I start?

(Hint: I used to be an avid surfer so please include surfing beaches.)

This is fantastic news. But Dave, you don’t say which state of Australia your visiting and how long you are visiting for. Unlike the USA we only have 7 states. Or to be precise, we actually have 6 states and two territories. But granted, we do have a number of cattle stations within those states and territories that are bigger then the state of Texas; but I digress. Winking smile

I am a Sydney boy. Located in the greater western region of Sydney NSW. I think any trip to Australia has to include the best harbour in the world, which is located in the heart of Sydney its self. And of course, virtually next to the harbour is the infamous Bondi Beach and is only a few hours from Wollongong which is also known for its surfing; but I should say nothing compares with the surfing conditions of Hawaii. However, situated only a short drive from where I live (an hour and a bit) are the 3 Sisters and Jamison Valley at Katoomba, which are in our world famous heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park. Knowing that you are a military history buff, I would think a visit to our War Memorial in Canberra which is our nations capital, (3 hour drive from Sydney) , would be worthwhile.

However, I have heard it said that the surfing amongst the Great Whites is pretty good far over in the South and Western states of Australia. I have heard its a regular occurrence for divers and surfers to come back missing a the odd limb. This reminds me of a story of the one armed fisherman I met one day on the beach, and as he stretched out his arm, he told me he caught a fish..that was… that long.

Dave, if you are coming to Sydney, I am more than happy to show you around. If your going to the other states; I’ll be on the first plane I can to fly down and meet you. And of course, as we would both be visitors there, someone else can chauffer us both around. Smile

My wife Joanne’s and my own bucket list for sight seeing around Australia is

Dave it doesn’t matter where you go in Australia, you will love it and we will love having you here. But if you do come. Be warned. It will be addictive. Once our air gets into your lungs and into your bloodstream, you will be hooked. And you will want to keep on coming back.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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3 Responses to Dave is coming to Australia.

  1. Drewe says:

    Well, I’m in Brisbane if Dave is anywhere near up here 😀

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