Power of intercession

The apostle James tells us that we lack, because we don’t ask. The context is within the framework of wisdom. And when it comes to prayer, we often need wisdom in just what is it we are going to pray. And it is within this subject of wisdom, where we find power to pray. You see, God promises us to grant us wisdom when ever we ask with sincerity. And so within a intercessory context, I will often begin seeking the Lord asking him for his wisdom in how to pray and what to pray. And once I have sincerely sought him for his wisdom, and asked the Lord that I might pray in his Spirit and that his Spirit prays through me – I begin my intercession.

And sometimes the prayer is easy. Other times there is a wrestling and a fight involved in the spiritual realms. Sometimes the heavens seem heavy and closed and other time the heavens seem to be wide open and the presence of God is felt in so many tangible ways. But here in this place, its important to keep knocking, to keep asking, to keep banging on heavens door. Do not allow doubt to creep into your hearts and mind, making you wonder and question if you are praying God’s will be done. In fact, don’t even add your will be done to those prayers – as if they give you a way out for those prayers not to be answered.

For the simple truth is, by asking for God’s wisdom in how and what to pray, you have his will in what to pray. God will reveal his will in what to pray through the wisdom he gives us. And therefore, we can say to our Lord…Your will, will be done, here on earth, as it is in heaven.

Often I ask the Lord, “Lord, inspire me to pray. Pray through me. Allow me to pray through / in you.” And how often am I surprised at the boldness of the requests that come out of my mouth and the faith that is accompanied with those prayers, that those things will come to pass. But, should I be surprised? For we know that when we pray according to his will, those things shall come to pass.

For we ask for wisdom and the spirit of God takes that prayer to the Father, through Christ. The Father answers that prayer and sends his answer back to us via his Spirit. And the Spirit of God, fills us with his inspiration and faith, and we pray in the Spirit and through the Spirit, towards the Father, in Christ..and our heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them, because we have been praying his will, as it is in heaven. 

And so we knock, we bang, we ask and we nag; till a point comes in the intercession where we can no longer ask – for we know the answer has come, we can rest easy in him and all we can do is praise him.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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