Odds and sods.

Because of the busyness and variety of life: Study, ministry, social and family concerns, I haven’t been blogging as much as I normally would over the last few weeks. And so today I would like to fill you in with some of my journey.

I resumed studies on the 6th of August, taking a distance class on 1 and 2 Corinthians. I don’t particularly enjoy this form of study; as I tend to enjoy the dynamics of face to face interaction within the class room. I can’t believe we are 1/2 way through the semester, which closes on the 16th of November.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting my weekly forum posts from this subject.

Ministry has a number of highs and lows. I’m a board member of a local charity that ministers directly into the intellectually disadvantaged community and over the last few months we seemed to face closed doors and heavens as funding issues forced us to look for new premises. The good news is that the landlord where we have been renting for the last x number of years came to the rescue and have generously allowed us rent free the use of the premises till Christmas 2013, where our circumstances will be reviewed once again. As a result we will be holding a thanksgiving service in October to thank our lord and our landlord for their extreme generosity.

I have been involved since February with a ministry called UNOH in the local area, primarily focused on the men’s group. Next school term, I will be involved with school scripture in one of the local schools. The group leader is taking a sabbatical and has asked me to stand in for him. Because of the class dynamics, we decided that instead of coming in as he leaves, and being like a ring in; I would begin at the beginning of term and by the time the leader takes his well earned holiday, prayerfully the kids will think of me as just part of the furniture.

We are also in discussion with a group of dedicated people from a variety of backgrounds about the idea of planting a church in the area. We have met twice for prayer and discussion and have another one coming up soon. Our idea of doing the church plant is the reverse of what is normally done; where churches gather a group of Christian’s and meet with the aim of the community coming to them.

This time, the hard yards of foundational ministry have already been done in the community, over the last four to five years. Our aim is to come alongside the community where we have already established the foundation and continue to build solid relationships for the kingdom – and in doing so, plant the church within the relational community.

As is my practice I continue to pray for many churches, ministries, missionaries and the many friends I have made on Face Book. Nearly every day the Lord opens the door, where someone asks me to pray for them, needs to talk and share their life with me. It[s something that always amazes me, and is something I never take for granted.

On the social front, I have been playing a game on and off called War Commander, and the online social interaction has been lots of fun. It has also opened up many opportunities to pray with and for a variety of people as they share life with me. I have built a new vege garden, in which I have planted corn, beans, tomatoes, silver beet, pumpkins, capsicum and the lemon and mandarin trees are full of flowers…. It’s the school holidays now and I have just come back from our nations capital, having spent a couple of nights there with one of my sons. We both walked ourselves to near exhaustion exploring the War Memorial and took many photos. We also did some fishing, with no luck, and took the wagon off road for some spontaneous 4 wheel driving, which was heaps of fun.

Over the next few days the intention is to go on a road trip exploring a number of skate parks with my older son. – However, he has come down sick and so we may not be able to do what we originally planned. If your a praying person, prayers are welcomed and valued.

I’m going to finish with a number of random photos – ranging from our garden, to a emu that decided to go for a local walk, and our trip down to Canberra.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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