Southern Baptists: Traditionalism verses Calvinism continued…

I have been really surprised at how many hits my previous post on this subject received. I want to say that I have some good friends from many traditions and backgrounds – and for the most part, we have agreed to disagree, without being disagreeable.

In the end, our unity (or lack thereof) should not be based on dogmatic doctrine, no matter how important and essential it seems; rather its ones personal relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit, which unites us together as one, as Christ’s body. I think in our modern context the Apostle Paul would say to the church –

In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, Slave nor Free, Male or Female, Young or Old, Arminian nor Reformed…but all are one in him.

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5 Responses to Southern Baptists: Traditionalism verses Calvinism continued…

  1. reyjacobs says:

    “In the end, our unity (or lack thereof) should not be based on dogmatic doctrine”

    Generally, I’d agree, I suppose, but when it comes to Calvinism its different. Calvinism is essentially atheism masquerading as religion. In Calvinism, first God is the author or sin, and secondly the world is not real. God is made into nothing more than a puppetmaster pulling all our strings. Its a lot like that stupid philosophy that says “How do I know I really exist?” Its nonsense, psychobabel, and its evil. Calvinists believe God is an evil jerk who created puppets and tossed a coin to decide which puppets would be burned eternally and which would be “saved” (due to the puppet-nature of what is being “saved” salvation is a farce in Calvinism). This is not Christianity, its religious atheism, or perhaps Satanism…they basically take Satan, rename him to God, proclaim him creator of the world. Calvinism cannot be allowed in any congregation that is truly Christian, and any congregation that allows it is not Christian.

    The gospel is that Jesus died for all men, and all can be saved if they will put their faith in him. Calvinism denies the first part of this, says that Jesus only died for the puppets who were lucky enough to win the cosmic lottery; it fills the heads of people who are already Christians with doubts about their salvation “how do I know I am really elect?” and it turns the unchurched away from Christianity with its whole puppetmaster/cosmiclottery theology. It is the worst enemy Christianity has in this world, a demonic doppleganger of Christianity created by Satan himself.

  2. reyjacobs says:

    A second thing I would say is what Erasmus said to Luther when Luther was denying freewill: “What could be more useless than to preach this?”

    If we don’t have freewill, then what good will telling us we don’t do? Are we going to say “Wow, well if I don’t have freewill then I had better use my freewill which I don’t have differently.” Our very response (and this is the response essentially to hearing we don’t have freewill) proves that we do have freewill.

    Its is equally absurd with fullblown Calvinism. If you tell someone that its impossible to believe in Jesus unless you are elect, what do you expect the response to be? “Oh my God! How can I be sure I am elect? What if I’m not elect? What if I only think I believe in Jesus but really don’t! And there’s nothing I can do…if I’m not elect, I can’t fix this, I just have to go to hell because I lost the cosmic lottery.” Is there anything more pointless than making a person believe this? If its true, then its pointless. But if its false, then it destroys souls. Calvinism is not just another harmless difference of opinion. If true its pointless stupidity to teach it because it won’t make a different to the nonelect or the elect either way. If its false, it causes Christians to lose their faith and be damned because they are sent into despair wondering whether they are truly elect or not, and it turns away people who would have converted to Christianity had they never heard the Calvinistic doppleganger version.

    • Craig Benno says:


      Have you considered that your militancy towards Calvinists is the exact same thing that militant Calvinists have towards you.

      Personally I have found Jeff to be a really nice guy. I have engaged with him for a couple of years now and would love to know him face to face.

      I agree that there are issues within Calvinism. I also agree that there are issues in every denominational / doctrinal methodology. I was saved through the ministry of a reformed denomination – a ministry that I am deeply thankful for- though I disagree with many of their tenets, they for the most part are very Godly people.

      It would be better if you provided a link to who you are, but at the moment, I believe your trolling. Certainly the tone of your comments show this, I do ask that you would engage with the subject of my posts and not start a flame war.

      Grace and Peace!

      • Craig Benno says:


        I deleted your latest comment- which saddens me, for it is something I have only had to do a few times in the existence of this blog. Trolling and inflammatory remarks of any description won’t be tolerated.

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