God loves diversity–therefore so should I.

I was reflecting this morning on creation. The universe that is made up of suns, moons and planets. Our world that has a diverse range of mountains, valleys, seas, lakes and rivers. The deserts and wetland.  I have an interest in vege gardening, and am amazed at the vast range of fruit and veges that we can grow to eat. Then there are the trees and plants that grow in our forests and gardens which are pleasant to look at. Finally when we look at humanity, we see a diversity within nations. We have short and tall people. Sturdy and thin.

And within my reflections, I was thinking about the church. There is only one Church. And the church belongs to Christ. And Christs church has such a diversity to it. Small and large. Conservative and contemporary. Some are multicultural and others are more culturally and traditionally bound.

Yet, despite the diversity, there is deep unity. For Paul tells us that while there may be a diversity of gifts,  talents, workings etc, there is only one God, one Spirit, one Baptism and one Salvation..and that the same God works through, over and in his people. And therefore we can and should celebrate our unity in Christ, in the many and varied ways in which we do celebrate Christ.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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