The oldies but the goodies.

Brother Dave writes,

I see they’re bringing back the series “Dallas” on June 13. Before you know it, they’ll be bringing back “I Dream of Jeannie.” While you’re at it, Hollywood, how about resurrecting Hogan’s Heroes, F-Troop, and McHale’s Navy?

I dream of Jeannie, Hogan’s Hero’s, Mash, McHale’s Navy and Get Smart are still part of our regular free to air tv viewing here in Sydney Australia. Not to mention 7th Heaven, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman and dare I say it, the Love Boat. Then we have Jag and MacGyver, Seinfeld, The Wimpy and Ugly (Bold and the Beautiful). Recently we had Knight Rider and the A Team on also.

The only one that isn’t free to air is F Troop, which was one of my fav shows as a kid…not to mention Daniel Boon, was a man, a biggggg man……

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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