Ancient shepherding ways versus the modern – leadership

The Scriptures talk a lot about shepherds, they talk a lot about sheep and it talks a lot about leadership. There is a huge theme throughout the Scriptures about leadership, it speaks into the issues of good and bad leadership. One of the common ways is that of the shepherd. The Old Testament and New Testament leaders are called to be shepherds of God’s people.

However the Old Testament shepherd is totally different to that of the modern sheep farmer. The modern farmer using his motor bikes horses and dogs will drive the sheep forward from behind, forcing the sheep to go where the farmer wants them to go.  Whereas the Old Testament shepherd walked in front of the sheep and they followed. They may have sung a song, whistled a tune, play music on a whistle, or just called out to them as they walked along. Of course, this would have required them to often look back to ensure that they were following.

What was it about these shepherds that made the sheep want to follow them? How did the shepherds treat the sheep? Why did the sheep trust the shepherds enough to follow them? These are important questions to ask. And the answers to these questions will reveal to us the traits that are needed to be the leaders that God calls us to be.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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