Relational Leadership – A great leader is a great story teller part 4.

In the pages between 182 & 189 Wright speaks of the need for leaders to be great story tellers.

A powerful strategy for communicating values is the telling of stories. Stories capture the imaginations of people, reveal values at work, and create a context in which people can picture themselves.

A leader will know the story of those he leads. They will know the story of the organisation, its history, their purpose, their plans and mission. They will willingly and often articulate this story, telling it in a way that captures the imagination of all who are participants in it. Leaders should not fear the story- for the object of the story is the combined truth of the individual and the organisation.

He makes the assertion that telling stories reinforces corporate (community) culture, mine learning from the past, rekindle relational intimacy, envision a new future, and that effective stories ring true.

Within our Christian context great pastoring involves being a great story teller. For all who are pastored have their own story. The church community has its own story. The pastor / leader / team have their own story. Together we become active participants in God’s story. We draw on our Christian heritage of the past. For we are fully immersed in the plans and purposes of God in every sphere of our life. And the pastor / leader must be able to articulate that story, joining the dots, and in the telling of the story – they do it in a way that reminds all of who they are as the people of God, drawing them into deeper intimacy with God and each other.

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