Conference talk: How the Holy Spirit works in my life.

I have been attending a conference on the role the Holy Spirit plays in ministering with and to the urban poor, within the framework of social justice. I have been asked to take one of the sessions today, in which I will be framing my talk on the 5 tenses of salvation.

  1. We were saved before the creation of the world.
  2. We were being saved.
  3. We are saved.
  4. We are being saved.
  5. We will be saved.

Within this framework, I am going to share how I can see the Holy Spirit at work in my life, drawing me deeper into Christ. I will share much of my testimony: How the Lord used others to draw me to him, how he used circumstances of life to draw me to him, and how I experienced his overwhelming love for me, all which resulted in him drawing me deeper and deeper into his presence.

From this base, I will then be sharing how the Holy Spirit has empowered and inspired me to minister to others, through prayer, witness and just being present with others; being part of the process of drawing others deeper into the riches of Christ.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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