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The promises of God.

I believe that understanding and knowing the following verse is crucial for us to understand the purpose of Scripture. 2 Cor 1:20 For no matter how many promises God has made, they are yes in Christ. For it shows us … Continue reading

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Do you have a ministry of helps?

I started to read the 2nd letter to the Corinthians this morning, and was stopped at the verses surrounding 2: Cor 1:11. The NLT version says, And you are helping us by praying for us. Then many people will give … Continue reading

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Flash cards.

I found my Greek flash cards today. Well truth be told, my boys discovered them for me and I found them on their bedroom floor. I have another shelf to put up in the study, which will enable us to … Continue reading

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People of the Spirit.

We are called to be a people of the Spirit. And one of the marks of living in the Spirit is that of communal living. For the Spirit dwells within the Trinitarian Godhead, which is deeply communal. Therefore the natural … Continue reading

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Personal experience and doctrine.

We do the Scriptures a disservice when we discount the power of personal experience in forming doctrine. I have read and heard it said that the Scriptural narrative accounts are not to be used to form doctrine; instead we should … Continue reading

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You need the Holy Spirit!

I’m preparing to preach a series on Spiritual Gifts, which will start in a few weeks time and the first sermon will be on the Holy Spirit as The Gift. Today I wrote the following on Face Book, We do … Continue reading

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True Love–1 John 3:16-24

I was blessed and privileged to share the sermon tonight. I wrote the following as a Face Book status today, as I reflected on the power of love. Because true love is neither merely words or feelings, we can be … Continue reading

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The Terminal.

I have just watched the movie, The Terminal, which stars Tom Hanks. It’s my favourite Tom Hanks movie, and it always brings about a tear or two to my eyes. As I was watching it, I flicked through my emails … Continue reading

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The promised pictures.

I have been promising some pictures for a while now and here they are… Starting off with a great roast dinner my wife cooked last week, followed by the books. And as you scroll down you will find our little … Continue reading

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Actions will always follow ‘true’ salvation!

I’m preparing a sermon for Sunday night’s series on Being a Fair Dinkum Christian. The passage is 1 John 3:16-24 and I’m thinking of titling it…The Rubber Must Hit The Road or Long Arms & Shallow Pockets.  John makes it … Continue reading

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