A week or so in focus.

I have an interesting life, and its one that I never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. This previous week is one such week in which I thought I would share some of its randomness.

Monday I had to climb under the house and jack it up some, as it had dropped on Saturday night, I picked up some timber and paint from the hardware to fix the front door jamb. I unloaded the ute and noticed an older lady, who had just crossed the road from the bus, having some breathing difficulties at my front fence. I asked if she was ok, thinking she was having an heart attack. Turns out it was emphysema, and she wasn’t able to contact her husband to pick her up, as he had his phone turned off. I offered to drive her home, an offer which she gratefully accepted. She only lived a few blocks away, and she told me that if I heard screaming and ranting, it would be her giving her husband what for. Such is ways of life. Smile When I come back, another lady from church had parked out the front and I invited her in for a cuppa.

Tuesday I spent the day swinging a new front door with the help of Ben, who is one of our young men at church and helps me around the home on a weekly basis. I was so tired, that I forgot all about men’s group, which I wouldn’t have been able to go to anyways, as It was 10pm when I finally got the locks on the front door.

Wednesday. More painting, plastering, bit of gardening. Had a church meeting in the night. I was feeling off colour and wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to the meeting or not.

Thursday. Bit of a lazy day. I dropped my wife off at the hair dressers, went and had a coffee with one of the guys from church and shared life. Went to a the outlaws for dinner.

Friday. I was feeling off colour. I had caught a bit of a gastro bug a few days before which knocked me about a bit. Spent a bit of time in the garden and most of the day sleeping.

Saturday. Spent some time gardening, reading, and sermon preparation. Outlaws were going overseas the next day, so we went and picked up their dog, which we will dog sit for the next 10 days.

Sunday. In the morning I helped out with Jam (Jesus and Me – kids ministry) and I preached in the night service. This was followed with supper at the home of someone from the church.

Monday I spent a day in the garden

Tuesday More gardening. Guy from church rings and asks me if I can organise some guys to help him make his kids cubby house safe on Thursday. I spent some time ringing around and organising it. Went to men’s group. After men’s group I got talking to a man, whom in the course of the conversation, I asked if he was suicidal, to which he replied; “Yes he was” I spent some time with him, prayer, talking and making a commitment of accountability with him.

It’s Wednesday today. Ben is coming to help do some plastering and painting. I’m meeting up with Jon from UNOH at lunch time and have our fortnightly home group meeting on tonight. I’m preaching tomorrow morning at Karelle Life Enrichment’s, Easter service, do some more renovation work and then meet with the other guys from church to help a brother make his kids cubby house safe.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to A week or so in focus.

  1. You know, Craig, your crazy life kinda sounds nice. It’s good to have time to spend with people. I haven’t been anywhere near as ill as you have, but I do struggle with fairly serious fatigue – and the fact that this has forced me to slow down some has been a gift! It gives you space to connect with PEOPLE – which is so, so, SO important!!!

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hi Kerry.
      There are times I get frustrated, but overall, I love my life , my wife, my kids and the people who come and go in my life.

      I am laughing as I write this, because someone said to me at church on Sunday morning, during an intensive conversation –

      “What, do you just talk to people and they spill their beans to you?”

      I replied, “Yeup, that happens to me all the time!”. I believe it is a gift, and its something I value. Don’t ask me how I do it, or what I do, because I can’t really tell you. All I know is it just is. 🙂

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