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Time for some pictures. Odds and ends.

Packing and packing and more packing. Most of the boxes are books. Note the wooden crate in front of the TV unit. It’s full of books that need to be packed into boxes. My trusty tradesman and side kick working … Continue reading

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I am back. Did you miss me.

It seems like ages since I have blogged. The reality is that it has only been 8 days  since we packed away all the internet equipment for the great move. And though we moved in last Friday, its only today … Continue reading

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Intercessory prayer

Intercessory prayer is not a display of emotion, though the emotions of the person will manifest. Nor is intercessory prayer a result of ones intellect, which produces great sounding prayers, though intercession may result in a great sounding prayer. Instead, … Continue reading

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Beating the same drum.

I know that I often  beat the same drum, over and over again on this blog about relational ministry. Such as I did in my previous post. I make no apologies about this. All Jesus said and did was within … Continue reading

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Pastoral questions.

I have been reflecting tonight on my experience of being a Christian. I became born again on the 17th of March, 10:30am, 1997. This means I have nearly spent 15 years in service to the King of kings. During this … Continue reading

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The ethical dilemma.

I was looking forward to today, as it was to be my first day back at college. Unfortunately I am sick with the flue. Last night I had mucus continually streaming from my nose, and the pressure in my sinuses … Continue reading

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Made out of what?

I have heard it often said and have been guilty of saying it myself, that when God created, he created out of nothing. Again I heard this said this morning, while listening to a music cd. The thought struck me: … Continue reading

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Processing hate.

In the beginning of the year, I was given the new preaching roster which had me down to preach on 1 John 2:7-11 last night. Diligently I studied the passage. Read some commentaries and prayed hard, to put the sermon … Continue reading

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Christ, servant of all.

I love this essay from Dave Black.  It’s the story of his academic journey, one which I am sure will greatly encourage you.  May we truly discover the presence and humility of Christ working in our own lives as we … Continue reading

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