Destructive forces.

There is no more powerful destructive force in existence than there is of the power of love. Love conquers all things. It tears down strongholds. Love destroys impatience. It destroys hatred. It destroys jealousies. It destroys dissensions. It destroys bitterness. It destroys harshness. Love destroys disunity within community.  Love destroys fear. Love destroys memories of wrong doing. Love destroys all lack of purpose.

Love destroys the power of death and sin. Love destroys the gap that is between us and God. Love destroys the gap that sin creates between each other. Love destroys the destructive power of greed between nations, cities, communities and families.

Such is the power of Gods love for us. His power that he wants to work so powerful over, through and within us. And no greater love have we seen then this: That he who knew no sin, laid his life down for us, so that we might experience the love of God. That we might know the love of God. That through the love of God, we can truly love him and each other.

Lord I pray. Destroy all that is within our midst that needs the destructive power of your love.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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