I am back. Did you miss me.

It seems like ages since I have blogged. The reality is that it has only been 8 days  since we packed away all the internet equipment for the great move. And though we moved in last Friday, its only today that the phone company was able to come and reconnect us.

Though I was able to check FB, emails and some blogs on the Samsung Tab and phone, the connection speed was very slow.  I also wasn’t able to open some emails and blogs, nor comment, yet alone continue to post articles up.

8 days was such a long time. Much has happened in those days. My wife and I were crook with the flu that has been going around. In the midst of that we packed and moved house and got stung by the removalists. They quoted one price on the phone, when they arrived, they said, they had been told it was only a one bedroom apartment and that the price would have to be increased…. I wonder if that may be a standard practice with this group? Anyway, I agreed to pay the difference, and we ended up having to bring a number of box trailer loads over ourselves.

There was some great sadness. You might remember that back in May last year, I posted a series on “The Blue Shed” that I built. Well the blue shed had to be demolished. With all the rain, we were not able to get a truck to the side to load it, nor could we unload it at our new abode. So the Blue shed was demolished, some materials salvaged and the rest placed into a skip bin,

The first five nights saw us sleeping on mattresses on the floor. A very uncomfortable experience indeed. I managed to get a bed assembled last night, which made for a very comfortable nights sleep. And I didn’t wake up till 8am this morning.

I was also able to purchase a new ‘toy’ yesterday, which I quickly assembled in the afternoon. Yes, you may have guessed it right, its the BBQ. And I cooked up a treat on it last night. Sorry no photo’s. To celebrate, I opened up a bottle of Lambrusco that my mum had given me and had a glass or two of red. I rarely drink alcohol, and can probably count on one hand the number of drinks I will imbibe in a year. But the occasion seemed to warrant it.

There were days when I was just so shattered. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and perhaps even spiritually. The other night I was in so much pain, I took some Panadol Forte which though left me really groggy the following morning, it enabled me to get some sleep. I had a young guy from Church helping me bring over the stuff from the back yard…That after noon, I knew I had pushed myself too hard and said to Ben. Ben, if I start to shake, I’m not having an epileptic fit, its just my body responding to the demands placed on it. I’m letting you know so you don’t freak out. ( It’s part of the ongoing recovery process of what the Viral Encephalitis did to me some years ago. My muscles don’t automatically relax as they should normally and so they often build up a tension, much like a compressed spring. Eventually I just start to shake, in an uncontrolled fashion. My wife freaked the first time I did it in front of her. And normally I don’t allow others to see this happen and if I feel it coming on, will disappear to the bathroom or another room, until it passes. However, I had no such luxury and whilst on the back of the trailer, I indeed did shake. And I shook the trailer good and proper. Ben’s reaction was great, he said, well you are right, you do shake don’t you!

When we arrived with our first trailer load of stuff, I realised I had forgotten the keys. So we slid a small garden shed, and other materials over the side fence. And put the other stuff out the front. I’m hoping to move that stuff today.

I want to thank my wife Joanne, her Mum and friend Sharnie for the hard work they did in cleaning the inside of the house. After renting for 4 years, its amazing how tired the walls, bathroom and the kitchen can get. What accumulates behind furniture and in the cabinets.

I’d also like to thank Peter and Adam from UNOH, you guys are the best. Peter took on the role of the undertaker or morgue technician. It was he who demolished the blue shed for me. Adam, loaded up his van and took a load over for me.  Ben, who helped me paint, move, pick up, unload and in general was truly an invaluable sidekick. Thanks Mate. I also want to thank my father and brother in law who helped move loads of stuff from under the carport into the house and back office. Not to forget uncle Bob, who provided us with a heap of packing boxes. My Mother in-law and Sharnie once again who helped with some meals. And I would like to thank Dennis and his side kick Brendan, for the great job in doing the final clean up of the yard and gardens.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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1 Response to I am back. Did you miss me.

  1. Moving is such a huuuge thing, isn’t it? Sounds like you are beginning to get settled, though – hope the new place is a wonderful new beginning for you all!! xx

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