Life, pain and joy.

This weekend has been a busy weekend. It’s been one mixed with fun, purpose and pain. It’s been a weekend of fun and purpose, for our church came away together for our church camp. Sorry, no photo’s this time round, as a certain blogger forgot to take his camera and phone charger with him.

The theme and purpose was for celebration and rest. Our youth / young adults pastor was to have given the Friday night talk, but due to other commitments wasn’t able to be there in the night and asked me to give the talk for him. I spoke from Romans 1:12 where Paul wanted to go to Rome and impart a spiritual gift, which was to mutually encourage each other with our faith…and within the them of rest, I shared how we were meant to rest in Christ and in each others faith, as we shared life with each other and therefore, go and talk with people and find out more about each other.

Saturday morning saw one of our ladies share about really trusting in God. This meant that resting in God meant that we ensured we spent time with God. On Sunday morning we had a guest preacher who gave a tremendous encouragement as to what resting in God meant, and how we could only do that by being yoked to Christ.

The fun part involved a pamper room for the ladies, archery and canoeing, a movie night along with a number of card games, footy and basketball. Plus excellent food. One of our church elders spent most of the time in the kitchen, and his talents were truly appreciated as he ensured we were well fed. With of course the variety of groups organised to help prepare, serve and clean up afterwards.

The painful part was that I was struggling with a very painful back and hips. This pain  saw me many times having to lay on the floor to stretch out, when standing became unbearable.  The pain stemmed from a combination of ongoing health issues, recently having hurt it while packing for the move and bursitis. (inflammation) I did ask for prayer during the morning service and thankfully my back pain was greatly relieved after a number of people prayed for me.

But in the midst of the fun and pain, I was able to have many in-depth conversations with many whom I had not been able to in the past. Restrictions stemming from the time restraints that the morning cup of tea at church. I was impressed and encouraged by the faith I found from young and old, male and female, as we discussed the joys and trials of life, and mutually encouraged each other with our faith, and many friendships were strengthened and new friendships made.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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