He is home. A missional faith.

There is a scene in the beginning of the second chapter of Mark, where after having spent a number of days in the desert, Jesus returns home. A crowd quickly gathers and the house is filled.

A group of 4 men, brought a paralytic to see him and, because they couldn’t get into the house through the normal means and methods, they climbed onto the roof. They then broke through the roof and lowered their friend down to Jesus.

But here is the crunch that I hadn’t noticed before. In verse 5 it says “Seeing their faith, he told the paralytic, your sins are forgiven.”  The story continues where Jesus says to those who mocked and were angered by his statement of forgiveness, “Which is easier to say, you are forgiven, or get up, take your mat and go home.” And the man was healed, got up of his mat and went home.

Here is the crunch. No where in this story does Jesus look directly at the paralytics faith. His faith isn’t directly mentioned.  I’m not sure if he is talking about the dedicated faith of the four friends who forced their way to Christ, or if he is talking about the collective faith of the five. But it doesn’t matter, the outworking of their faith has achieved their goal, which was for their friend to meet Christ.

I ask you today. Do you have this dedicated faith for others to also meet Christ, no matter what? Do you have a faith that will climb the heights, dig through the depths for your friends to meet Christ? Will you take up the challenge to carry others along with you, till they themselves can walk for themselves in faith, having met Christ.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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