Kevin Rudd: The Truth Leaked Out.

There is a U Tube video doing the rounds at the moment of our former prime minister Kevin Rudd, venting, swearing and in general behaving badly. There is no doubt that his behaviour is terrible.

It does however cause me to ask the following questions, to which I will follow with the explanation as to why I asked those questions.

  1. What is the context of his venting
  2. Its obvious the video is a collection of a variety of times, what was the time span of those clips?
  3. What is the purpose of this video being leaked?
  4. Why are we so indignant about his behaviour?

Now for the basis of my questioning .

  • Everyone of us has the ability to vent in frustration.  In fact, its important that we do allow people a safe place to vent their frustrations. Within the framework of venting, it is important to ensure that our venting is done in a way that doesn’t cause others harm. In general, I don’t swear. I personally don’t like it. And one of my favourite sayings to people who do swear a lot, is just what are they going to say, if they were to hit their thumb with a hammer?  However, I have hit my thumb with a hammer and it really hurts. And I can assure you that I didn’t just say: Oh my gosh, I just hit my thumb with a hammer…Oh my gosh, that hurts!


  • Time Span. This is an important question to ask. Did this recording, take place at the one time. Did it take place in the course of a day. Did it take place in the course of an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year. Certainly his behaviour is intensified in this clip. Would we be as concerned for instance if if was shown that those instances took place over a year and not within a 5 minute span.


  • The purpose. What is the purpose, of this video being leaked. Who leaked it. Why is it being leaked now. What are the motives of those who leaked it. There has been many recent scandals within our current leadership and this is just one out of many, whose purpose has to destroy and denigrate another.


  • Why are we so indignant of his behaviour. It’s been my observation that many of the critiques and comments about it, seem to be coming from self righteous indignation. Yet, scripture tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In God’s eyes, all sin is equal. They question we should be asking is, how could he not behave in such bad behaviour.

Within the framework of asking these questions, I want to also state that I am not defending him either. I am deeply disappointed in his behaviour, and just as disappointed in those who put it together and published it. Within the framework of Christians being disappointed, indignant and critical of his behaviour, and not only his, but that of all of our politicians, I would like us to consider that their behaviour and politics has a lot to do with us. We are encouraged by Paul to pray for all in authority, particularly that we may leads our life’s of faith in peace.

In this regard, let us not be overtly critical of any of our politicians, rather, let us raise up with a spirit of prayer and thanksgiving and pray that the leaders of our nation will know and show the grace and peace of God, working over, welling up within and flowing through their lives and how they live their lives and govern our country.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to Kevin Rudd: The Truth Leaked Out.

  1. LOL!! Why is ANYONE up in arms about this?? They are clips of the guy in the middle of doing a difficult job, using vocabulary that in all honesty, most Australians use at least from time to time. It was clearly NOT a public forum. I don’t know the makeup of the colleagues in the room with him, but I would be surprised if most (or even any) of them would find the language shocking. After reading your post, I expected to see him raging around thumping tables, abusing people and throwing things!

  2. Drewe says:

    I haven’t watched the video (the uproar was obvious enough, and i hear the language all day at work…), but I can guess.

    Firstly, it reminds me that we are not of this world – the systems of this world just don’t work for those that love Jesus. We can try and input into them (and we are encouraged to in some sense), but the world will go it’s own way.

    Secondly, our political system is bent on destruction and pulling down others. There is no building up, no encouragement, no work towards what is ‘good’, just avoidance of ‘bad’ (whatever that means, or whatever is bad in the public eye that day), and the abuse of everyone else who doesn’t agree with you (And sometimes those that do). The whole system is an example in some ways of what us amazing humans can do on our own, and if God wasn’t at least placing constraints on it, how much further down we can all go…….

    And you and Kerry are both right – this is nothing more than most of us would hear in our workplace every day, if not even milder. (ok, I work in a rough industry…). And the timing is amazingly convenient when he is possibly about to undertake another shot at leadership…

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