It’s Valentine.

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We had to sort out some banking, insurance and other mundane issues of life. We also had an appointment with a sales rep, from an Solar Power company, to come and see us in the morning – which he didn’t turn up for, nor did we receive any call to tell us that he wasn’t coming.

After lunch, my wife and I saw the movie “Safe House” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we went grocery shopping. I asked my wife if she felt like going out and do something for the night, while we were shopping. She got a bit excited and then I said,…hmmm I am a bit tired, perhaps we will stay in.

But I was grinning inside. Once home at 5:30pm, I asked again, “Hey sweetheart, want to go out tonight? No not just for dinner, how about we stay the night in Sydney.” Her smile was reward enough.

We quickly linked to “Wotif” and found a mystery hotel deal that included breakfast  and it was one that was incredibly cheap. So by 8pm that night, our car was being parked, we were in our room and both of us we grinning ear to ear.  We truly were in the midst of luxury. The kind that we could never even dream to afford in the natural. We found ourselves at the Westin Hotel, at Martin Place Sydney. We went out for dinner that night to a nice Italian restaurant, whose menu had a list longer then my arm of things I could not pronounce. My wife had stuffed Veal rolls and I had a Snapper cooked with crispy skin with mushrooms. I had had trouble making up my mind as to what I wanted and the waiter wisely said…Sir, you can have some of those menu items anywhere, why not choose one that is particular to this restaurant. The buffet breakfast was sheer divine and there I found a new breakfast menu ingredient. Green beans, along with baked beans. It’s only natural they would go together and they made for a very tasty side dish with the poached eggs.

Talk about a day of contrasts. My wife is also doing a chaplaincy course, and doing her intern hours with a inner city ministry that deals with homelessness and poverty. 20 minutes after breakfast and booking out of the hotel, we were sitting in the Hope Cafe, talking with homeless people and those who experience sheer poverty. I am also part of a men’s group which meets of a Tuesday night, at a nearby suburb, which also suffers sheer poverty and brokenness.

I was reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul speaking to the Philippian church in that he had learnt the secret to being content, whether he had plenty or had nothing. While it was good to experience the blessing that we did last night, and it was a short break with each other that was truly needed, we are equally at home and feel just as blessed ministering to those who are suffering the effects of mental illness, poverty, homelessness etc.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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