Ben Witherington Pipe(ers) in.

Ben Witherington has written an excellent article in response to John Pipers recent debacle about “Masculine Flavoured Christianity”  He adds a worthy twist to the frenzied online engagement to which Pipers stance has created. He claims that Piper’s theology is closer to that of Mormon theology, then it is of classical Christian theology, because his framework is one which contextually interprets Scripture within the literal sexualisation of God.

He then draws out the relational metaphorical language of the Scriptures, showing how the Father / Son relational language is primarily one of intimacy and not specifically gender or patriarchal driven.  Within this framework of intimacy, he shows how Pipers theology is more aligned to the curse of the fall, then what it is within the framework of redemption, reconciliation and equality which is the fruit of the Gospel. 

It was the original curse, not the original blessing that was pronounced in the following form— ‘your desire will be for your husband and he will lord it over you’.

If anything, Piper’s and ilk’s theology is coming dangerously close to adding a reversed dimension to that of the ancient pagan female cults which elevated one gender over and above that of another. Clearly the gospel is not a reversal of a trend. It’s not the reversal of the status quo. And its not the reversal of culture. Rather, the gospel is the power of God to transform the status qu. Its the power to transform trends. And its the power to transform culture. And this power of transformation lays within the fact that male and female are made in the image of God and that in Christ, ALL are made equal in Christ.

I commend this article to you for reading.

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