There are times when all we can do is accept it is true.

My long term readers will know that I have struggled since 17th October 2007 with the ongoing repercussions of having suffered from“Viral Encephalitis.” I praise the Lord that there has been great improvement and healing over those years to where I am today. During those years I have faced doctors diagnosing me with M.S and the deciding that no, I don’t have it.

There was a brief interlude a number of years ago, when I was taking 80mg of prednisone every day. The hormone increased my strength and mobility greatly- however my specialist went through the roof when she heard I had been self medicating, ordering me to go off it, as the side effects were too great a risk. Sad smile

Over this time I have prayed and I have been prayed for. My mobility and my strength has improved to the point where I haven’t used a walking stick for around 8 months now. Though I still do suffer at times great fatigue, and have lost a lot of muscle strength. However… I digress.

There is a passage of Scripture from 2 Peter 2:4 which says, By his stripes, we are healed. It’s a reference from the great passage in Isaiah 53 in which the prophet foretells the coming of Christ, our redeemer. It doesn’t take long to do a search on the net and find that there are two camps divided over the meaning of this verse. Some say it means that we can expect God to heal us of physical infirmities. Others say it has nothing to do with physical sickness, the healing only refers to spiritual healing. The forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation with our God.

I don’t want to weigh into the discussion taking sides as to who is right and who is wrong about this verse. What I do want to say is that this verse is true. By his stripes we are healed.  I have truly come to the place in my Christian walk there I don’t know exactly what this verse means. I have come to the point in my life where I am not going to argue about it. I do not know if this verse is only talking about spiritual healing. I am not sure if this verse also includes physical healing with an absolute.

Oh, I know we are reconciled through Christ. I know that I am totally forgiven and washed clean,  that I have no doubt. I have no doubt that I can pray for my own, and pray for others healing – again of that I have no doubt. And I have no doubt that God hears my prayers and hears the prayers of his people – again of that I have no doubt.

And so within the framework of not knowing, I can and I do, state with confidence: That by the wounds of Christ, I am healed! And I can leave it at that. For the truthfulness of this verse, has nothing to do with what I  do or don’t believe about it. Rather the truth of it, comes through, in and over in the finished work of Christ Jesus.

And so my simple confession of praise to our Lord is that Lord, I thank you, by your stripes I am healed.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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1 Response to There are times when all we can do is accept it is true.

  1. Stuart says:

    Hi Craig. I’m not a big believer in faith healing. Some of the most profound most gracious faithful Christians go through hell on earth, through pain via cancers for example, that are no fault of their own. Also, tiny little children die in pain, screaming, despite the fervent prayers of erstwhile faithfully Christian parents.

    Food for thought.

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