Do you get spammy scammy phone calls?

Our household seems to get a lot of spam phone calls. The one that is doing the rounds at the moment is when a caller with a very thick Indian accent calls, telling us that they have detected bad viruses on our computer and that they are from Microsoft maintenance department.

Time to time, I will blog about these calls. I just had one such call and at the end of it, I made a victory pump with my arm.

So I said to her: Sorry, what’s your name? Hi Angela, Wow, we have been doing well in the cricket so far, haven’t we!

Sir, she replied; I’m here to help you with your computer, not talk about the cricket.

Oh, okay then. What do you want to know about my computer, are you sure you don’t want to talk about how well Australia has been doing in the cricket!

By now, she is sounding peeved off with me, Smile Sir I need you to turn your computer on for me, she said.

I replied, it is on the couch at the moment, and its already turned on.  Imagine me saying this in a dead pan face.

She replied… good, we need to access it to fix it.

I said, look, we can talk about fixing the computer in a minute, right now as your customer, I want to talk about the cricket… what did you think about Ponting?

For some reason she got annoyed with me and hung up! Smile Smile Smile Smile I mean just how rude can you get! Though, the cricket convo is never as interesting as when I ask them if its a sin to tell lies.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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