Around and about

“I used to think ________________. I was wrong.”

Have you ever been wrong? Of course you have! Have you ever changed your mind? Who hasn’t? For what it’s worth, here a partial listing of ways in which I have changed my mind. I use to think that:

I have been so wrong in the past and I know I will be in the future…here’s a few things I have been wrong about

  • As a teen I thought my dad knew nothing.
  • When I first become saved I thought I was invincible.
  • When I was a young man, I thought real men drank heaps, chased women as conquests and fought a lot.
  • I used to think no one liked or loved me.
  • I have thought I lost my salvation
  • I thought life was hopeless
  • I have been wrong in answering assignment and exam questions.

What in life have you been wrong about?

  • Kerry from Heady Brew made the following comment,

I was simply saying that the centre of the Christian faith is a living relationship with a living Christ. Doctrine and theology are useful. We were given intelligence so we could use it! But to think that studies and books hold the keys to knowing God, is to miss the point entirely.

I don’t think there is anything I can really add to that. Well said!

  • Mal Garvin said the following on Face Book this morning.

‎” The greatest good you can do for another ,is not just to share your riches ,but to reveal to them their own”-Benjamin Disraeli….The greatest joy of my life has been to help people discover the riches God has placed within their own spirit.
And I believe helping others find their story is the surest way to find your own.

Mal is one of the founding fathers of Fusion Australia. He has a good grasp on the nature of our country and worth reading.

  • Mark Stevens has learnt to say NO! So Mark, is it true that your not going to give me your personal library! Winking smile


  • William Birch says to me through some back and forth comments, in which perhaps I was a little heavy handed…

For the rest of lazy-yet-too-busy Christians, however, I should think that the other 23 hours 45 minutes of the day when they are NOT on the toilet would be sufficient time to speak with God.

William, I totally agree. While personally think that its ok to talk to God and even think about a scripture while on the loo, we shouldn’t make that the only place where we think about, read about and pray to God.

  • Marc Cortez is giving away yet another book! What is it with all these books your giving away? Actually it looks like a really good book to read. And I am blogging here about it, in the hope of perhaps winning it for myself. Marc are you reading this?  Winking smile


  • We have been having an ongoing saga with Telstra whom continually sends out a bill to us to pay for an item we do not have, which is to do with an account we do not have with them.  Each month we ring them up and explain we don’t have the T Box nor do we have an account with them…they tell us they have fixed it up, and then the next month we get another increased bill! Talk about frustrating. Yesterday we received a final demand notice with a threat that they would take legal action against us if we don’t pay the amount! I rang the Australian Ombudsman, who were not impressed with our story and is getting onto them on our behalf. Seriously…do not deal with this company.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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7 Responses to Around and about

  1. Hehe – Craig, I think this is the first time I’ve ever been quoted on anyone else’s blog! Feeling almost famous, now!! 😉

  2. Marc Cortez says:

    Yep, I’m reading this. And thanks for passing the word along about the giveaway!

  3. Mark Stevens says:

    HA! Here’s a deal. If you can tell me by Sunday evening what my middle name is I will send you a book from my library! 🙂 Your time starts…now!

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hahahaha! Mark, you side stepped that well! now that could make for some interesting research.

    • Craig Benno says:

      Gee I forgot about this. Though its too late, I’ll try a stab in the dark and say “John.” Though according to your could be “Beck” I received a package on the door step today, which came from St Australia, and I thought..gee Mark is a good bloke, he sent me something anyway!

      But it turned out to be something better…our mortgage documents. 🙂

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