I am so hopelessly addicted. I just couldn’t help myself!

It’s official. I am addicted to reading. I am a book worm through and through. I just love books. I like their feel. I like their smell. I like the variety of paper they are written on. And I like the variety of fonts which are used for the text. I also like the visual look of them. I love browsing book shelves. For some strange and unknown reason, I get a strong sense of satisfaction looking at a full bookshelf. Alas, apart from a couple, all my books have been boxed up as we get ready to move to our new house towards the end of Feb, beginning of March.

I found out today that my car also likes the local Koorong Book shop car park. I kid you not! Smile Today whilst on the way home from Penrith to pay some bills, my car hijacked me. I was just blissfully driving up the road, when it suddenly indicated left and swung into the car park driveway and parked right out the front of the store… Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration…I parked one row away down in the far corner.

Ahhh Bliss! I could feel my senses returning to normal as I soaked up the atmosphere of shelves and books. I browsed through church history. Devotionals. Bible studies. Theology. Commentaries. Leadership. Relationship. Counselling. Bibles. Youth. Children’s. Men’s. Languages. Apologetics. Religions.

Oh, I thought. I should get this book of selected writings by John Wesley. I am after all a fan of his, yet have never really read any of his sermons or writings. So into the basket it went. Ah! I spied a few commentaries on the Epistles of John. We are preaching on John at night church over the next few months. And seeing as I only have a basic devotional commentary on them, which is packed away, into the basket went two of them, authored by John Stott and Stephen Smalley.

I picked up two more leadership books. The one called “Relational Leadership” by Walter C Wright, has its forward written by Richard Mouw and Eugene Peterson…I truly soak up anything by the later author and so in it went. The other leadership book is called “Leading With a Limp”…the title caught me by surprise and so I read the following blurb on the back… God favours leaders who make the most of the power that comes from brokenness. I love the theme, that instead of trying to minimise our weakness and pretend it doesn’t exist, embrace it, be authentic and transparent and walk with a limp.

Finally I came across Dallas Willard’s book, The Great Omission. Reclaiming Jesus Essential Teachings on Discipleship. Apart from a class reader, I have not read any books from this author. I have been impressed though with Dan’s (from Apprentice2Jesus) consistent plugs from his work, The Divine Conspiracy and so thought this one worthy of addition.

Finally I ordered the book, The Art of Pastoring, by David Hansen, as it wasn’t in store. I am really bummed out, as I was hoping to write a book by the title myself. However, I have since found out, its an excellent read and so I wait eagerly for the notification that it has come into the store.

Anyways, they say a picture tells a thousand words. Here is a pic of my new additions. Sigh! I shall have to soon find another box to pack them away in….never mind! Winking smile


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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