Pastors, do you wander around?

I love this quote from a interview with David Hansen author of The Art of Pastoring.

The first time we met you said, “This is my philosophy of ministry: I wander around. I wander around the Bible. I wander around with the people of my church. And I wander around with unbelievers. I wander around. That’s what I do.” Of course, this is so profoundly counter-cultural when compared to the dominant CEO paradigm that characterizes so much contemporary ministry.

I so resonate with this. Pastors are not called to be CEO’s, they are not called to be administrators, they are not called to be managers. They are called to ‘wander.’ Because its within the context of wandering, that they know their people, they know the community in which they live and they know their Bibles and in doing so, they also know God and make him known.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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5 Responses to Pastors, do you wander around?

  1. I love this! (& I think, since we are called to be family and community and build relationships with one another, that we are all called to wander, at least a little!!)

    • Craig Benno says:

      Indeed Kerry. I love to wander time to time around other churches and fellowships. I also love to wander around my community, talking to people. I also love to wander around talking and spending time with my family.

  2. Mark Stevens says:

    I have been trying to locate this guy for months!

    • Craig Benno says:

      I was able to get his book on order through Koorong. I could get a E Book cheaper and easier, but when it comes to some authors, I need to be able to feel the pages. It’s as if I’m making a real connection… I read a chapter online and think he could easily become among my favourites.

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