Good morning.

This morning I woke up hearing a crash, thump and bang and after reluctantly getting out of bed found that some of our stacked boxes of books had fallen over002.

On a more positive note. Our potential home has been valued by the bank with flying colours. We are now waiting for the mortgage documents to sign. I will post up pictures of the house when the exchange has taken place and we can officially call it home.

On that note, I have recently made contact with a couple called Jon and Lisa Owen. They belong to a ministry called Urban Neighbours of Hope. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a couple of pages on their ministry of love which you can read here. Bidwell is a nearby suburb and their ministry is tapping into our own heart for the broken and lost. While we may not open our home to the extent they are for ministry purposes, we are wanting to use our future home for the glory of God in Tregear.

I’m preaching at Kingsford Church of Christ this Sunday morning. The theme will be – Imparting The Spiritual Gift of Mutual Encouragement and Empowerment. I would appreciate prayers to help me finalize putting the sermon together and that I will preach  well.

Congratulations to Ben. He has finished his Advanced Diploma of Ministry, and will graduate sometime early this year. He is also looking for an apprenticeship in the Electrical trade…so if you know of any Sydney based (Western Sydney possibly more preferable) electricians who are looking for an apprentice…or even willing to job share with another … let him know.

Please also pray for Nigeria. Alan and Helen have just returned to Nigeria this week, after spending some months of sabbatical and deputation. I wrote briefly about them in January 12th last year, in a blog post called Pastors of Significance.

  …. was replaced with Rev Alan Wood. He gave me my first preaching break. Under his ministry he coached me to preach and built up my confidence in regards public ministry and church administration; asking me to become a Church Warden and Synod Representative. He also introduced me to many of the other local pastors…and I was honoured to come to know them also

That’s it for now. Time to go and boil the jug, make the morning cup of tea and spend some time with Paul in Romans.

My prayer  this morning is: “May the God of all hope, fill you to overflowing with the knowledge of his love for you. May the presence of the Lord’s love wash through you, cover over you and well up within you and stir you to become his active agents of hope in a world that is in need of true hope. “

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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