It’s roast lamb today: Time to light a fire in the back yard.

We scored a great bargain at Woolworths yesterday. The Sunday Paper had a $10 coupon off the price of a leg of lamb at all Woolworths stores. We were able to get one for $25, which meant we paid $15 for it. What a bargain. My mouth is beginning to salivate while typing. 

My wife is taking the day off work to finish of a few assignments due next week and so today is the day we are going to cook it. Because its summer here, and today is expected to be in the mid 30’s…. For my U.S readers, note I”m talking Centigrade and not Fahrenheit… it calls for something special. Therefore I’m getting out my camp oven to cook the roast in.

The first time I used the camp ovens here, I cooked some lamb shanks in red wine and they were just spot on. However, a neighbour also called the fire brigade. While I was tending the small fire and checking the pot, they pulled up out the front in their big truck, and poked their head over the fence asking what I was doing? Their reaction was…nice of them to tell you they had invited us over for dinner. They also told me that I was doing nothing wrong, and it was legal for me to light a fire in my back yard, when there was no local total fire ban in place and I was using it to cook with. Smile

Here is a link to a roast I cooked last year in Feb. That time I used heat beads. Today I”m going to use wood to make the coals, as I have a number of branches to get rid of. You can expect some pictures to follow soon… Hmmmm Lamb….Yummmmmmmmmm

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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3 Responses to It’s roast lamb today: Time to light a fire in the back yard.

  1. Drewe says:

    That post is plain mean.

    Fro the record, the best leg of lamb I had was from CostCo in Parker, Colorado, USA. It was Australian export lamb 😀

    Pity we can’t get the good stuff here!

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