I’m joining the blackout.

On the 18th of January between 8am and 8pm (U.S.A time) this blog will be blacked out in joining the protest against the U.S proposed changes to internet law.

You might ask me why is it that I am joining this protest when I live in Australia and blog from Australia and therefore the U.S laws have no direct bearing on me. The truth is that I believe those laws will affect me and others in Australia who use the internet. Blogging is a global phenomena, I have readers and commenters from all around the world, and I also read and engage with others blogs from around the world.

In recent times we have seen Egypt shut down their internet service preventing insiders access to the outside world. China is the same; residents do not have free access to Face Book, Google or other global internet providers, which provides informative access to global news. The result is that people can only believe their own governments propaganda.

In reality, I don’t think the laws will help protect copy write material as they propose. I actually believe its true intent is to stop what happened with the Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange. The internet has caused an immense ability to protest on a global scale corporate and government wrong doings. In more recent prehistoric times, the lack of technology enabled governments and corporations to crack down on any potential leaks before causing major harm. A quick court order could easily place a gag on a newspaper from running the article.

However, in the modern era in which we live, news can become an instant global event. Most people carry phones that have a camera / video capacity or voice recorder in which anything newsworthy can be instantly uploaded to the internet, U tube or other within minutes of it happening. Therefore, its impossible for any corporation or government to quickly prevent this publication via a gag order.

It’s for this reason I am joining in the Word Press blackout for a day. Better a 1/2 day of voluntary blackout, then laws being passed in effect which in turn other nations could follow with, that in effect will black out the global effectiveness of the information highway in which we live.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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